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Net Warner is a trans non-binary artist working between London and Southampton. They look at the plasticity of society, and the plasticity of the self.

Their practice investigates how we are taught to see, and how the texture of categorisation melts, hardens, and abstracts under the heat of time.


Interrogating how the mediums that define our age act as a mimicry of us, Net's work considers how we are redefined by the devices that capture our lived experience. How do we categorise ourselves in a digital age? How are we formed and transformed?

Net co-founded and co-direct ZEST Collective (est. 2020). Based in Southampton, ZEST has successfully delivered two Arts Council England funded projects between 2021-2023, alongside organising artist-led exhibitions and workshops.

In 2024, ZEST has successfully received programme funding from Arts Council England to support ongoing organisational development. 

Net's work has previously been credited under the name Annette Warner.

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2021 - 2023

Sculpture (MA). Royal College of Art - Distinction.


Fine Art (BA). University of Southampton - First Class Honours.



Brief AttemptZEST Collective. Gods House Tower, Southampton.

Material Remains. Guildhall Square, Southampton. 

SOFT & HARD: Beyond Recognition and Queer Coding. The Art House, Wakefield. Supported by the Henry Moore Foundation


Panel Speaker. Winchester School of Art, Winchester

Heavy Presence. ZEST Collective. Old Northam Rd, Southampton.

You Can Sit With Us. London Design Festival. London. Curated by 2LG Studio.

RCA Degree show 2023. Truman Brewery, London                                                                       

Living Community Murals. ZEST Collective. Old Northam Rd, Southampton. Supported by Arts Council England  

Snappy Title. The Winchester Gallery, Winchester                                                                                 

Polymer Waves. ZEST Collective. Old Northam Rd, Southampton                                                   

Ripe 5. Video Commission. Gods House Tower, Southampton                                                         

One Night Stand. 3 Lockes Brewery, London                                                                                         

Soft/Hard. Bermondsey Project Space, London                                                                                    


Novum Citri. ZEST Collective. Old Northam Rd, Southampton                                                 

Stack. 67 York Street, London.                                                                                                         

Dystopia Holdings. ZEST Collective. Old Northam Rd, Southampton                                        

C.R.A.P26. Publication Commission. Central St Martins, London                                                                     

Riposte. Electrowerkz, London                                                                                                           

We Wont Stop Showing. SET Woolwich, London                                                                            

Too Much Fruit on the Cake. Amersham Arms, London                                                                


Signs of the Times. ZEST Collective. Old Northam Rd, Southampton.     

Supported by Arts Council England                                                                                           

Oh Its Just The Phoneboxes. Annette Warner and Abigail Miller. K6 Gallery,                   


Collective Beginnings: An Emergence of Practice. Harbour                                                       

House Gallery, Kingsbridge.


Spatial Temporalities. Annette Warner, Julia Watson, Edward Sault. Harbour                              

House Gallery, Kingsbridge.

Art Car Boot Fair. Virtual Exhibition, London                                                                                  

Homemade Mango Chutney. Virtual Exhibition. RIPE                                                         


Hidden. Solo Exhibition. The Hidden Wardrobe, Southampton.   

Mango Smoothie Exhibition. The Alfred Arcade, Southampton.                                                 

Object Manipulation. Artist-led workshop. The Alfred Arcade, Southampton.

Ripe Mangoes #01. Graduate Exhibition. The Alfred Arcade, Southampton.                                

Create, Curate. Winchester School of Art Degree Show, Winchester.                                       

Grooks Gallery Digital Collection. Available at:                   

Prompt.  MA Curation Exhibition. Winchester Gallery, Winchester.                                        

Itinerant Objects. Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London.                                                              


Visiting Artist. Artist-led workshop (ages 15-16). Kingsbridge Community College.                                                     

Floored. MA-BA Show. Winchester School of Art, Winchester.                                          

You're an Exhibition Harry. Group Exhibition. Shepherds Road, Winchester.                                    


Resonance. Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton.                                                                     


Summer Show. Totnes Art and Design Foundation Course, Totnes.                                               



Chanel NEXT Award Commission - Shortlisted


The Pokémon Scholarship 2022 - Nominated 


RIPE Graduate Scheme Award. Provided by 'aspace' arts


Nancy Balfour Award for Studentship, Hard Work and Achievement. University of Southampton.


Leonard Pearce Memorial Prize for Art. Devon.

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